The Sierre-Zinal Race, also known as the Five 4000 Race, has often been considered as one of the most beautiful mountain races in the world.


Sierre-Zinal, in the heart of the Valais Alps, presents a very challenging course: 31 km, 2200 meters of ascent, 1100 meters of descent. Exceptional landscapes, a warm atmosphere and careful organization explain the success and longevity of Sierre-Zinal.

trail du besso

In the heart of the five 4000, this extreme alpine trail connects the five huts at the bottom of the Val d'Anniviers with the help of old alpine paths almost forgotten ... glaciers, passage at high altitude, altitude difference worthy of the greatest races ... THE race that every trailer has to register on its calendar !

Traditionally the race takes place on the last weekend of August.

KM chando

The KM DE CHANDO is a mountain running competition of the Vertical Kilometre type. In the middle of nature, the route takes the vast majority of hiking trails.


The only double vertical kilometre in Switzerland has two routes to choose from: the long course has a difference in altitude of 2000m (the DOUBLE KM) and the short course offers 1000m (the KM VERTICAL).


In order to attract the smallest as well as the greatest runners, 3 different starters are set up: the big course starts at the STEP of Fang; the small course starts higher, in the heart of the village of Fang; the children start at the Mayens de la Rèche.